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Warm Weather is Here! Veto the Mosquito!

on March 16, 2012

Most of us in Michigan are so used to bundling up in our winter coats, hats and gloves in mid-March. This year, we’re starting to pull out our summer-weather clothes. I will even admit – just 2 days ago, I had my air conditioning on in my car. In March. In Michigan!

Anyway, with warmer temperatures, we’re seeing more bugs. Gnats, ants, and…the dreaded mosquito. Scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed the other day, I noticed several status updates about bugs! It was then I decided to write a blog post about preventing mosquitoes from breeding on your property. Below, you will find some helpful hints that will aid in this.

First off, we need to constantly remember that mosquitoes require water to breed – specifically stagnant or slow-moving water.

1. If you own a swimming pool – keep it chlorinated and clean. This includes while you are away. Many people leave their pool unchlorinated while on vacation, and come home to a massive mosquito-breeding ground…not a great thing to come home to!

2. Drill holes in the bottom of your trash/recycling containers. This will keep any rain water that has fallen to continue to flow out, instead of it just sitting in the bottom of your receptacle.

3. Walk your property after a rain. Check for certain things – children’s toys that hold water, trash can lids, divets in your lawn (if the water is standing in an area on your lawn for more than 4 days, consider regrading the area), pottery, non-clorinated wading pools – and dump them after a rain or every couple days and add fresh water.

4. Citronella. You can either buy candles for outdoors, or even plant citronella in your yard to help deter mosquitoes. It is not actually the smell that bothers them, but it actually irritates their feet!

5. Clean your gutters! Dirty rain gutters hold water, instead of directing the water where it’s supposed to go. Make sure to keep your gutters clear of leaves and other debris.

And lastly, if you’d like to enjoy your back patio, and be able to grill out without being bit by those pesky mosquitoes, give Grand Rapids Pest Control a call for pricing on mosquito sprays, or any other issues you might be having.

-Sheri Monroe


One response to “Warm Weather is Here! Veto the Mosquito!

  1. Chris says:

    Sweet! Thanks for all the ideas. I’ll keep these in mind as the bugs come out and as I stroll around the back yard.

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