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Of Mice and no Moisture.

on July 13, 2012

Earlier today in the office we received a phone call from a local news broadcaster, who wanted some information on a topic that he was working on. The topic was focused on how pests (mice, more specifically) have recently been seeking refuge in people’s homes, due to lack of moisture/rain outside. Apparently, the mice have been coming in to find a water source. The reporter asked me if we had an increase in clients calling about mouse control problems. I had to be honest – No, we really haven’t had any more calls about mice than we typically do. He thanked me for me time and that was that.

Fast forward a few hours.

Nikki gets a call, and I get one directly after her, both having issues with mice coming into the home. We set up the services, and then I had a moment to check the company email address. To protect our customer’s privacy, I won’t paste the whole email nor disclose any personal information, but I have to say I got a chuckle out of the email that was waiting in the inbox…

“…I cleaned all the cupboards, put a few cans of veggies, and a sacrificial taco seasoning packet up there; I found poops this morning…”

“…I think the only thing they like more than making me crazy and eating up everything, is making babies.”

So, anyway, while I enjoyed the clever words of our customer, this makes the 3rd time in less than 15 minutes we’ve had an inquiry about mice. Now I am just wishing the news reporter called NOW instead of this morning, because he was really on to something!

Readers – Have YOU seen an increase in mice lately?

-Sheri Monroe



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